Preview: The Liar

“Follow me…I’ll teach you all about dishonesty”

It’s the 17th century and Paris is changing. It has become a continental powerhouse, a capital of fashion, art and culture. Parisian Society has moved from the insular court and into the city…

…enter Dorante, newly returned to the capital and out for adventure, ready to make his name in the city with charm, charisma and elaborate lies.

Corneille, one of the great dramatists of the seventeenth century, offers a fast-paced ride through a chaotic world where truth takes a back seat. Ranjit Bolt’s translation explores a trickster’s journey to finding love, juggling the expectations of his father, suitors, and an increasingly baffled servant. With projection and cutting edge animation design, this production weaves elements of illusion and deception into their bold performance:

Carla-Jayne Cole – Assistant Director

What is your role?

As Assistant Director, I am the director’s right-hand. I run warm-ups with the actors, rehearsals in lieu of the director, and vocal workshops. I act as bridge between the director and the actors.

What is the most challenging part of the process?

So far, dealing with the rhythm and verse of the play has been most challenging. But now that we have that down, we are faced with the challenge of choreographing actors’ interaction with our amazing set and lighting designs; a demanding task with a brilliant pay-off.

What sets this play apart?

The outlandishness of the lies and tricks Dorante employs, combined with the daring and innovative technical elements, reflecting that of the RSC’s recent production of The Tempest.

How is the play relevant to a modern audience?

It’s hilarious, but fitting to the current political climate in terms of just how far telling lies can get you. The use of projection and the interactive stage pulls the play into the 21st century in a new and exciting way.

Lastly, what is your favourite line?

“Clarice, you faithless jezebel!”

The Liar by Pierre Corneille, will be performed at the University of York’s Department of Theatre, Film and Television on the 10th and 11th of March.